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Recipes How to Make Crispy Walnut Pastries

Recipes How to Make Crispy Walnut Pastries - walnut cookie is a regular meal is served when the holiday. This cake has a very soft texture and crisp so that the food is very compatible with our tongue. Walnut cookies can be used as a casual snack premises are usually combined with tea or coffee. Increasingly look more special because walnut cake has a very beautiful shape. For those of you who are curious about this recipe, we will share the recipe for you. In addition to good taste and a crisp, dry cake also has a sweet taste right. This one kind of cake that there are many stores, pastry shops nearby to have economic value, which is quite affordable. But how much better this cake should you create yourself that are of higher quality compared to buying in stores cookies. Here is the recipe and how to make it.


     500 gr flour of good quality
     150 gr of fine sugar or powdered sugar
     1 teaspoon baking soda
     300 grams of chopped walnuts
     100 grams of cocoa powder
     1 sachet of butter (contents 200 g) was melted

How to Make Cake Walnuts:

     Mix melted butter with the sugar already refined, beat with a mixer until evenly
     Enter the flour, baking soda, cocoa powder little by little, stirring until evenly
     Enter chopped walnuts into the cake batter, stir again until smooth
     Keep the dough on a flat then milled until completely flat 1/2 cm
     Print dough using cookie cutters to shape according to taste
     Arrange in a baking dish that has been smeared with butter and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until
     Dried walnut cake ready to be enjoyed

Daftar Harga Samsung Galaxy Semua Tipe

December 4, 2015

Daftar Harga Samsung Galaxy Semua Tipe - Kesempatan ini kami bakal selenggarakan pembaruan besar-besaran untuk tiap-tiap halaman daftar harga smartphone termasuk juga halaman daftar harga HP Samsung Galaxy kesempatan ini. Yupz, seperti kita ketahui perubahan tehnologi terlebih hp pandai semakin cepat, nyaris tiap-tiap bln. banyak vendor keluarkan hp paling barunya, termasuk juga Samsung yang masih tetap setia dengan varian Samsung Galaxy-nya. Karena sangat kerapnya keluarkan product paling baru, kadang-kadang kita yang baru beli hp Samsung bln. tempo hari jadi terasanya jadul lantaran bln. saat ini telah nampak hp Samsung yang lebih baru. Walau sebenarnya dari segi feature serta tehnologi tidaklah terlampau beda jauh hehe.

Nah, supaya halaman ini jadi lebih fresh lagi, lebih up to date, berikut kami bakal tunjukkan daftar Harga HP Samsung Galaxy untuk hp keluaran terbaru, yupz, optimal hp keluaran awal th. 2015 lantas sampai sekarang ini. Walau sebenarnya sekarang ini telah mendekati akhir th. 2015 ya, dapat diperkirakan awal th. 2016 kelak pasar smartphone bakal makin panas dengan meluncurkan beragam type smartphone dari beragam vendor. Bahkan juga Samsung sendiri telah menyiapkan sebagian hp pandai untuk berkompetisi dimuka th. depan.

Di bawah ini Daftar Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Paling baru yang kami ambillah dari beragam sumber terpercaya. Daftar di bawah spesial untuk hp Samsung yang telah masuk ke pasar Indonesia hingga telah dapat sahabat dapatkan di pasar hp didekat tempat sahabat tinggal.

Daftar Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Terbaru

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace J110M
Keluaran Oktober 2015
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace J110M terbaru
Harga: Rp.1.499.000
Samsung Galaxy J2
Keluaran September 2015
harga Samsung Galaxy J2 terbaru
Harga: Rp.1.999.000
Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos
Keluaran Agust 2015
harga Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM Duos 32GB
Keluaran Agust 2015
Harga Samsung Galaxy Note 5 terbaru
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 64 GB
Keluaran Agust 2015
Harga Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus terbaru
Harga: Rp.11.200.000
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920V-64 GB
Keluaran Agustus 2015
harga Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920V-64 GB
Samsung Galaxy A8 32GB
Keluaran Juli 2015
harga hp Samsung Galaxy A8 32GB terbaru
Samsung Galaxy A8 16GB
Keluaran Juli 2015
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy A8 16GB terbaru
Samsung Galaxy V Plus
Keluaran Juli 2015
harga HP Samsung Galaxy V Plus terbaru
Bekas: Rp.600.000
Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
Keluaran Juni 2015
harga Samsung Galaxy S6 Active terbaru
Samsung Galaxy
Gran Prime VE SM-G531
Keluaran Juni 2015
harga HP Samsung Galaxy Gran Prime VE SM-G531 terbaru
Samsung Galaxy J5
Keluaran Juni 2015
harga HP Samsung Galaxy J5 terbaru
8GB: Rp.2.600.000
Samsung Galaxy J7
Keluaran Juni 2015
harga HP Samsung Galaxy J7 terbaru
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB SM-G925F
harga HP Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB SM-G925F terbaru
Samsung Galaxy
XCover 3
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Grand Max
Harga Samsung Galaxy Grand Max terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB SM-G920F
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy S6 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB SM-G925F
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus
Harga Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Ace 4
Harga Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy J1 4G
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy E5
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy E5 terbaru 2015
Bekas: Rp.2.400.000
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy E7
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy E7 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy A7
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy A7 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy A5
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy A5 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy A3
Harga HP Bekas:Rp.4.100.000 Samsung Galaxy A3 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Core Prime terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Note 4 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Alpha terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Mega 2
Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Young 2
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Young 2 terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy V Dual SIM
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy V Dual SIM terbaru 2015
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V
Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V terbaru 2015

Daftar Harga Samsung Galaxy Seluruhnya Type paling baru di atas tiap-tiap daerah mungkin saja saja tidak sama. Beberapa daftar di atas adalah hp keluaran paling baru th. 2015. Walau Samsung banyak keluarkan product paling barunya bahkan juga tiap-tiap bln. senantiasa ada, tetapi yang masuk ke pasar Indonesia cuma sebagian saja. Kami bakal up-date daftar harga di atas beserta dengan hp-ponsel Samsung keluaran paling barunya, jadi tungguin ya.

Sumber: Daftar Harga Hp Samsung Terbaru

Sambal Chicken Recipe

November 17, 2015

Somebody asked me if I've made prepare for the Summertime and all I could claim was that I'm gon na do a lot of grilling. I certainly have my top priorities right.

Recently we had a gorgeous week of a weather so I cleaned off our grill ... with a mixed drink as well as flip flops. I recognize, I understand! I'm aggravating. I am sorry that you remain in winter on the east coastline. I truly hope that we get the rainfall we require. I digress ...

In a pursuit for an easy smoked dish, I discovered this champion in my stack of removed pages from journals. This will absolutely be a staple in our Summer season 2015 Rotation. I visualize we'll do a variation with pork tenderloin or steak. Absolutely nothing like sweet/spicy/crispy chicken pulled straight off a skewer. I made these elegances with a spicy coconut noodle dish that I'll be discussing on Wednesday. Keep tuned!

Servings: 4

1/2 cup (jam-packed) light brown sugar
1/2 cup unseasoned rice vinegar
1/3 cup very hot chili paste (such as sambal oelek).
1/4 cup fish sauce (such as nam pla or nuoc nam).
1/4 mug Sriracha.
2 teaspoon finely grated peeled off ginger.
1 1/2 extra pounds skinless, boneless chicken upper legs, reduced into 1 1/2-inch-- 2-inch items.

Special equipment.

8 bamboo skewers soaked in water at least 1 hr.

Prep work.

Prepare grill for medium-high heat. Whisk brown sugar, vinegar, chili paste, fish sauce, Sriracha, and ginger in a large bowl. Provide extra poultry and toss to layer. Thread 4 or 5 poultry items into each skewer.
Transfer marinade to a tiny saucepan. Bring to a boil, decrease heat, and simmer till minimized by fifty percent (about 1 mug), 7-- 10 minutes.
Grill chicken, turning and basting typically with minimized marinate, till prepared with, 8-- 10 mins.

Source: Sambal

Pandan Chiffon Cake

October 28, 2015

Remember I was telling you regarding just how I found out the valuable lesson regarding persistence from seeing my Mom attempt time and again to excellent her Pandan Chiffon Cake? Well, considering that I obtained my new mixer to play with, I chose to re-enact the Pandan Chiffon encounter for myself. I thought it should be rather a simple point to do yet little did I recognize that it would take me quite a variety of bakes before I finally felt ready to create this post.

This post is the result of months of research study on the net, checking out recipe publications, speaking with numerous professional bakers and also baking a bunch of cakes. My Pandan Chiffon Pie is not ideal yet, however I think that I have learnt sufficient to pen down sufficient information to ensure that whoever intends to bake a Pandan Chiffon Pie would have all the information they should make a good cake.

See also: Recipes How to Make a Simple Snapper Fish Soup

One of the problems when you are searching for dishes on the net is that various writers have various specifications. That is great I think. If you enjoy with a Pandan Cake that sinks on the top, looks bad but tastes excellent, then that is the cake that you ought to cook. My wife enjoys the Pandan Chiffon Cake from Bengawan Solo, which is specifically how that cake resembles. It is awful, lacks structure yet it is really fragrant then soft. If you like that style of cake, then you could additionally achieve it if you read this post. This short article will certainly include all the info you have to fine-tune your pie anyway you such as.

Find more at: Resep Bolu Pandan

Sweet Banana recipes Make getuk

July 18, 2015

Kediri is one area that is the name of Java island and more precisely, namely East Java. Kediri is already very popular with a variety of dishes typical of her. One of the specialties of the town of Kediri example out yellow. In addition, there are other typical dishes are getuk bananas. Getung bananas are derived from the town of Kediri, East Java, but this food is widespread everywhere in nearly all regions in Indonesia, especially in Java. Although this is already well-known banana getuk Antero throughout the country, but there are many among you who do not know the process and how to make it. Well, this is what will getuk banana recipe we present on this occasion. Getuk banana can be used as a snack relaxed very worthy for us to try. Here is an explanation of making getuk bananas.

Sweet Banana recipes Make getuk Typical Kediri


    1 kg of bananas ripe kepok
    1 teaspoon fine salt
    500 gr sugar
    banana leaves to wrap around to taste
    broom taste (cut taper)

How to Make Banana getuk:

    Steamed banana kepok until completely cooked and tender
    Peel the banana peel and dahaluskan
    Combine mashed banana with sugar and salt
    Finely crushed again until all ingredients are well blended
    Compact dough while still hot and let stand to be cold
    Take each one sheet of banana leaf and enter getuk banana mixture to taste
    Roll lengthwise like a rice cake with a compacted back
    Pin with a broom stick at both ends
    Steamed in a steamer heat for 25-30 minutes or until cooked and chewy
    Getuk banana ready to be served

It's easy and Simpler right to process and How to Make Banana Sweet getuk, please you make at home with his own hands so that the processed kualitan hygiene and health is maintained.

Ball soup recipe know

July 1, 2015

Ball soup recipe know - Varian soup dishes are diverse types and kinds, ranging from goat soup, chicken soup, soup ribs and other kinds. Culinary recipes and this time writing to Mother at home who need a recipe to make Soups balls out.

This practical recipe can try it yourself at home Mom for Mothers can serve for processed Soups variation so that children and family members do not get bored with or know any refined Soups are resep sup tahu made conventionally continue.

Here is the recipe, ingredients and know how to make soup.

  •     White knows one piece, or 400gr.
  •     Chopped chicken meat for 150gr.
  •     Chicken eggs beaten off, 1 item.
  •     As much as 2 tablespoons bread crumbs.
  •     Celery leaves approximately 2 stalks, finely cut.
  •     Red onion 4 cloves, crushed.
  •     Pepper powder, about 1 tsp.
  •     Fine salt, ½ tsp.
  •     1 stalk green onion, thinly sliced.
  •     Make soup out.
  •     750ml clean water.
  •     ½ tsp pepper powder.
  •     Salt ½ tsp.

How to make soup out.

  1. Stir in tofu soup ingredients such as tofu, minced chicken, bread crumbs, eggs and so on until evenly and shape the dough into small dots dots are then fried until golden and drain.
  2. Prepare soup knew that had been prepared, put pepper and salt mix until evenly taste.
  3. Put the balls out and chopped fried chicken in the bowl and then pour the soup, sprinkle with sliced ​​scallions.


Tofu soup ready to be served and enjoyed with family at home. Good luck.

Special Fried Chicken recipe

June 21, 2015

Special Fried Chicken recipe - Many people now who sells fried chicken in shape and taste different, of course, you also would often eat fried chicken. Well here I will give Recipes How to Make Fried Chicken Special Kalasan, you certainly curious, how the heck make Fried Chicken Kalasan and materials make it.

First you need to know to make fried chicken, the chicken elections of course be an important aspect that no one should know first chicken must be fresh to avoid to create a good taste, the chicken elections do not be too old, because if chickens are too old then Her flesh was hard. So when buying chicken I suggest you buy a chicken yourself and tell the chicken pieces to cut the chicken that you buy. So you know the quality of the chicken you buy.

Now let's start to make Resep Ayam Goreng Special Kalasan, you also have to examine the material to make it not to be wrong, because if one feels any different, and also how to make it to be true.

The following recipes and ingredients to make Chicken Fried Kalasan Specials:

    1 whole chicken and cut into four pieces
    1 whole lemon, just take the water course
    bay leaves 2 pieces
    1 stalk lemongrass, crushed by smashing
    1 liter of coconut water, try the young
    Cooking oil for frying

Seasoning should be smoothed:

    7 pieces of red onion
    4 cloves garlic
    6 hazelnut
    And enough 3 cm turmeric
    1 tbsp coriander roasted
    1 tsp brown sugar and should be sliced
    Then salt to taste

Sambalya material:

    5 pieces of onion
    7 fresh red chilies
    1 tomato
    1 teaspoon shrimp paste that has been fried / baked
    1 teaspoon brown sugar
    Salt to taste

How to Make Fried Chicken special Kalasan as follows:

Make fried chicken

    First coat the chicken with lime juice, mix with seasoning mashed earlier, add the bay leaves, lemon grass and coconut milk that had been prepared earlier.
    Both cook chicken until tender using a medium heat and coconut water to recede. Lift then drain.
    After the chicken fried in hot oil until golden brown and then lift.

To make the sauce is as follows

    Fried was all ingredients using a little oil until wilted.
    Then milled until smooth.
    After the fry back over low heat without using oil.
    No need to wait for a long time lifting sauce and serve with the chicken had been fried.

Thus Recipes How to Make Fried Chicken Special Kalasan, make it easy to make it.

Crispy chicken nugget recipe

May 27, 2015

Recipe Chicken Nugget mother can try to memkreasikan chicken dishes for the family, rather than buying ready-made for his habit of using preservatives. As we know that if the food was berpengawet not good for consumption let alone get to eat every day. Although it khusu preservative for food but still can be avoided if ya do not get too often in the meal.

But the story is different again when the results of homemade chicken nuggets then we can choose to sort the materials in use. Sometimes it could be in the mix in a little vegetable then so be it vegetable nuggets. Nugget is a lot to like even children can very voracious eating if it was with nuggets were tasty and crunchy. With our present manufacturing step mother herein may deign to listen to and learn directly.

Provide first main ingredient

- 50 milli liters of water
- 50 grams of refined flour panir
- 100 grams of ground chicken skin
- 1/2 teaspoon powdered chicken broth
- 200 grams of minced chicken
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt

Seasoning required

- White eggs for dyeing
- 1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder
- 75 grams of refined flour panir
- 1 tablespoon of milk powder
- 2 cloves of garlic, crushed

How to make chicken nuggets so tasty and crispy

    First you have to mix the minced meat, milk powder, chicken skin and flour panir.
    After that add water, pepper, salt, eggs, chicken bouillon powder, garlic. Mix well.
    The next process you should pour the batter in the pan measuring 20x20x4, then kukuslah for approximately 30 menitan or until cooked. Remove and let cool.
    If ripe and in the lift, then cut into pieces so small square. Time for the frying process.
    Prior to the first dip fried egg white and apply on panir flour that has been refined.
    Then fry until cooked and ready pal serve.

Recipe chicken nuggets in essence have to be really careful in making it, arguably easier but still there is difficult. So the conclusion tricky, if you do not believe it can immediately try to make it deh. Serve the food is clean, healthy and tasty for your beloved family home.


May 26, 2015

Pudding recipe is a recipe that is already familiar to our ears. The menu is a dish often comes in at a variety of events, from family gatherings to large events, like the reception, and so on. It tastes good and its variations are pretty much makes this recipe so appealing one. Can serve and make a special pudding for the family at any time would be very interesting. Therefore this time we share to you all pudding recipe

Puding recipe tastes delicious and can be varied to so many kinds of appearance and taste, pudding also have significant benefits for health. Coupled with a way to make it very easy to make this menu natural that favored and became quite a favorite dish cake for most people. Ok, just following some kind of recipe variations pudding menu that can be served at any time to your loved ones.

Special Milk Pudding Recipe

The milk pudding recipe is quite simple. But AOL taste, remain good and tempting. Here are the details of how to make special milk pudding:

2 Wrap Agar - Agar, choose a neutral / white (do not contain any flavor)
1 liter of clean water ready for consumption
1 Teaspoon Vanilla, use liquid vanilla
150 milli liter of sweetened condensed milk, use milk chocolate or to taste
200 grams of sugar or caster sugar
Fla vanilla to taste

How to Make Special Milk Pudding:

    Prepare a place to cook, pot or the like.
    Put the water into a container and boiled until boiling.
    Add the gelatin, sugar and vanilla into the boiling water and stir until blended.
    Add milk while stirring until evenly as well.
    Continue cooking until boiling again.
    Lift the brew and pour into a mold.
    Let stand until mixture is thickened or stiff.
    Pour the custard over the already stiff plates or a serving bowl.
    Fla pour over the prepared pudding.
    Special Milk pudding ready to serve

Fruit Pudding Recipe

Another variation of this recipe is the pudding fruit pudding, custard dishes are mixed with fruit. To make this menu, do the following:

2 packet of jelly white / without taste
4 tablespoons sugar
1 liter of clean water
2 ripe kiwi fruit, peeled and cut into thin
1 piece harumanis ripe mango, diced small
100 grams of grated cheese
Mayonaise sauce to taste

How to Make Fruit Pudding:

    Prepare a container for cooking, you can pan and so on.
    Add the water, gelatin and sugar and bring to boil then turn off the heat.
    Put the prepared fruit pieces into the gelatin and stir until evenly distributed fruit.
    Pour a mixture of gelatin and pudding into the mold.
    Set aside some time to harden / stiff.
    Cut the pudding to taste, then pour mayonnaise on it.
    Sprinkle the grated cheese over the pudding.
    Fruit pudding ready to serve.

In this case, the fruit can be substituted for any fruit to taste. Recommended use fruit that tastes sweet, sour, sweet or neutral. That's some pudding menu selection that can be used as a dish for everyday family dishes, healthy and beneficial. Besides pudding, cake dish for everyday recipes you can try a variety of pastries. Please try the new menu is fish meatballs are also suitable for children. So that we can share this time. Congratulations serves delicious and special for your family with pudding recipe.

Yellow Rice Recipe

May 18, 2015

can manufacture using the rice cooker can actually tablets but there are still many who do not know. Food is often presented as rice cone when the official or non-official events. You can also eat in the morning if it is bored with the food slurry, if every day of eating it continues then try to make yellow rice.

If eating yellow rice alone is sure to be bland so add some other ingredients such as eggs, some vegetables, crackers, fried onions and others. For this time how to make the most easy and practical to use a rice cooker tablets. Bangetkan curious how bikinnya so directly refer to the following yes-style full recipe.

Materials needed

    1 liter of rice
    Enough water
    1 bks Santan instant 65 ml / grated coconut milk alone
    1 Trunk Serai
    3 bay leaves

Seasoning blend

    3 cloves garlic
    flavoring to taste
    salt to taste
    2 spring onions
    1 vertebra finger turmeric, strain and take the water

Complementary materials
Fried chicken, eggs, crackers, fried onions, shredded, cucumbers or tomatoes, fried tempeh and tofu.

How to make yellow rice

    Put the rice that has been washed into the rice cooker, add water and spice paste.
    Put also lemon grass, leaves together and flavorings. Stir until the spices evenly with water and rice.
    Turn on the rice cooker and wait until the yellow rice cooked.

The most delicious rice cooker to cook with it matures automatically without ditungguin, so you can leave it for a while to prepare complementary materials. So first yes and you practice just yellow rice recipe rice cooker and hopefully this time immediately successful when you bikinnya.

Resep minuman coklat panas

May 17, 2015

Resep minuman coklat panas adalah salah 1 resep masakan/minuman yang lumayan banyak diminati. Perihal ini lumayan wajar, mengingat coklat adalah salah 1 jenis bahan makanan yang lumayan banyak digemari, terlebih bagi kaum perempuan. Beragam macam jenis coklat ada didunia ini dan juga memberikan citara rasa yang berbeda-beda. Masing-masing mempunyai keunikan dan juga ke-khas-an sendiri-sendiri, dan juga dari seluruh tersebut menghasilkan beragam mcam resep minuman yang mempunyai citarasa yang berbeda-beda pula. Salah 1nya adalah aneka Resep minuman coklat panas. Lihat : Resep Minuman Coklat Panas Nikmat

Resep minuman coklat panasSaking populer dan juga banyak digemarinya jenis makanan/minuman yang satu ini, lebih-lagi kali ini di banyak cafe banyak yang menyediakan beragam macam menu minuman yang menggunakan bahan dasar coklat ini. Menu tersebut dapat disajikan dalam versi panas ataupun dingin. Nha, kepada peluang kali ini kita hendak membagikan salah 1 Resep Minuman coklat panas yang dapat Kamu buat sendiri dirumah. Dengan resep ini, kini kita dapat membikin minuman dengan citarasa cafe dari rumah kita sendiri.

Resep minuman coklat panas yang hendak kita bagikan kali ini ialah Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. Ini adalah salah 1 menu coklat panas yang lumayan gampang cara pembuatannya. Berikut detil cara membikin dan juga menghidangkan menu minuman ini.

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan untuk membikin minuman ini terbilang tidak terelalu banyak dan juga lumayan simpel. Berikut daftar bahan yang diperlukan untuk dapat menghidangkan Cinnamon Hot Chocolate dirumah Kamu sendiri.


600 mili susu segar (susu sapi)
30 gram dark cooking chocolate, haluskan dengan cara di cincang
lima sendok teh cokelat bubuk, merek bebas. Pilih yang bagus
satu buah kayu manis sepanjang sekitar tujuh cm

Bahan untuk Topping:

Cokelat bubuk secukupnya
Krim kocok bersesuaian selera

Cara Membuat Minuman dan juga Menghidangkan Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Cara membikin minuman ini pun jua lumayan simpel. Cepat dan juga tidak memerlukan peralatan yang rumit. Lumayan dapat memanfaatkan peralatan yang ada didapur Kamu sehari-hari. Berikut detil cara membikin dan juga menghidangkan menu minuman coklat panas yang satu ini.

Cara membikin:

Siapkan susu segar lalu masukkan kayu manis kedalamnya.
Rebus keduanya hingga mendidih. Sesudah tersebut masukkan cooking chocolate dan juga coklat bubuk.
Aduk hingga coklat larut.
Matikan api dan juga angkat rebusan tersebut lalu saring.
Tuangkan campuran tersebut kedalam cangkir saji.
Tuangkan krim kocok keatasnya, kemudia tambahkan coklat bubuk diatasnya lagi.
Cinnamon Chocolate siap disajikan. Sajikan selagi panas.
Untuk makin mempercantik penampilannya dapat disajikan dengan stik coklat yang berbentuk lingkaran dan juga erlubang dibagian tengahnya.

Demikianlah cara membikin Resep minuman coklat panas berupa Cinnamon Hot Chocolate ini. Lumayan gampang dibuat bukanlah. Nha, kini waktunya Kamu men-coba sendiri dirumah. Selamat men-coba iya..

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