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May 26, 2015

Pudding recipe is a recipe that is already familiar to our ears. The menu is a dish often comes in at a variety of events, from family gatherings to large events, like the reception, and so on. It tastes good and its variations are pretty much makes this recipe so appealing one. Can serve and make a special pudding for the family at any time would be very interesting. Therefore this time we share to you all pudding recipe

Puding recipe tastes delicious and can be varied to so many kinds of appearance and taste, pudding also have significant benefits for health. Coupled with a way to make it very easy to make this menu natural that favored and became quite a favorite dish cake for most people. Ok, just following some kind of recipe variations pudding menu that can be served at any time to your loved ones.

Special Milk Pudding Recipe

The milk pudding recipe is quite simple. But AOL taste, remain good and tempting. Here are the details of how to make special milk pudding:

2 Wrap Agar - Agar, choose a neutral / white (do not contain any flavor)
1 liter of clean water ready for consumption
1 Teaspoon Vanilla, use liquid vanilla
150 milli liter of sweetened condensed milk, use milk chocolate or to taste
200 grams of sugar or caster sugar
Fla vanilla to taste

How to Make Special Milk Pudding:

    Prepare a place to cook, pot or the like.
    Put the water into a container and boiled until boiling.
    Add the gelatin, sugar and vanilla into the boiling water and stir until blended.
    Add milk while stirring until evenly as well.
    Continue cooking until boiling again.
    Lift the brew and pour into a mold.
    Let stand until mixture is thickened or stiff.
    Pour the custard over the already stiff plates or a serving bowl.
    Fla pour over the prepared pudding.
    Special Milk pudding ready to serve

Fruit Pudding Recipe

Another variation of this recipe is the pudding fruit pudding, custard dishes are mixed with fruit. To make this menu, do the following:

2 packet of jelly white / without taste
4 tablespoons sugar
1 liter of clean water
2 ripe kiwi fruit, peeled and cut into thin
1 piece harumanis ripe mango, diced small
100 grams of grated cheese
Mayonaise sauce to taste

How to Make Fruit Pudding:

    Prepare a container for cooking, you can pan and so on.
    Add the water, gelatin and sugar and bring to boil then turn off the heat.
    Put the prepared fruit pieces into the gelatin and stir until evenly distributed fruit.
    Pour a mixture of gelatin and pudding into the mold.
    Set aside some time to harden / stiff.
    Cut the pudding to taste, then pour mayonnaise on it.
    Sprinkle the grated cheese over the pudding.
    Fruit pudding ready to serve.

In this case, the fruit can be substituted for any fruit to taste. Recommended use fruit that tastes sweet, sour, sweet or neutral. That's some pudding menu selection that can be used as a dish for everyday family dishes, healthy and beneficial. Besides pudding, cake dish for everyday recipes you can try a variety of pastries. Please try the new menu is fish meatballs are also suitable for children. So that we can share this time. Congratulations serves delicious and special for your family with pudding recipe.

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