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Making Iced Tea Recipe Fresh Lychee Flavor

March 17, 2015

Making Iced Tea Recipe Fresh Lychee Flavor - Iced tea is a drink made from tea brewed and then blended with ice cubes. Well, what about the iced tea that will be presented this ..? Iced tea which one will we match with lychee flavor so this drink called lychee iced tea flavors are so delicious and refresh the throat. Lychee iced tea flavor is probably already familiar because it fits with the times iced tea is already widely with diverse tastes. For example, from the start of iced tea flavor melom, strowberry flavor, orange flavor, taste cocopandan, apple flavor and also other types of flavors. But on this occasion, a case that has been mentioned above, we will make iced tea with lychee flavor. This drink is perfect served when you're thirsty, especially when the weather is hot. In addition to refreshing the throat, this drink is also very easy for our own. Well, for those who are curious, please refer to the recipe below.


What brand of tea to taste
enough water
molten rock sugar to taste
lychee flavored syrup brands any taste
crushed ice cubes to taste

How to Make Sense of Lychee Ice Tea:

Boil enough water to completely boil
Then enter the prepared tea into the hot water, stirring until the water becomes discolored
Take some tea boiled water and let stand until cool
Prepare a fruit cup for serving
Enter crushed ice cubes in a glass
Pour the lychee syrup to taste and add the sugar cubes that have been thawed
I stole with sweetened condensed milk then pour the cold water tea
Stir with a spoon until well blended and ready to be enjoyed

This drink will be more enjoyable if dikucuri with sweetened condensed milk. However, if no, lychee iced tea without milk flavor will still be delicious. Thus Recipes Make Fresh Lychee Ice, may be useful to you as a reader.

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