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Papaya Juice For Healthy Digestion

March 22, 2015

In  benefits of Papaya For Acne , papaya can be processed into fruit juice tasty and beneficial to the digestive system. It is true, bright red fruit is often used as a dessert. The taste is sweet with a soft texture is very suitable to serve papaya fruit juice drinks. Various of our best recipes you can try at home and get healthy benefits without spending much money.


     100 grams of meat papaya, cut into pieces
     100 grams of meat watermelon, cut into small
     100 ml tangerine juice
     1 tbsp ginger water

How to make:

     Put once all the materials that have been prepared in a blender. Process until smooth then pour into serving glasses.
     This juice is beneficial to maintain the condition of the body stay fit and able to relieve fever.

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