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Recipes How to Make Ice Cream Strawberry

January 28, 2015

Ice cream is a drink favored by all people, Resep es pop melon enak not just the freshness and taste are good, but we also get a benefit, because it is made from healthy ingredients and because you are making yourself so you can choose the material that is good for the body. If you've been able to make it, resep es pisang ijo segar you no longer need to make it in the store. Resep sikaporo


     450 ml whipping cream
     400 ml of sweetened condensed milk cooled
     vanilla essence to taste.
     1 slice of cheesecake
     25 ml strawberry puree

You have prepared the ingredients? Before the manufacturing steps carefully read how to make it in advance lest you mistakenly yes!

How to Make Ice Cream Strawberry:

1. First advance whipped whipping cream by using a mixer until fluffy and stiff. Add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla essence and beat again.

2. And then you destroy the cheese cake with a spoon. Do not let the smooth, because here we need a rough texture and irregular on ice creamnya later.

3. Then take the dough ice cream, cheesecake crumbs enter. Mix, but do not stir. Next, enter the strawberry puree and stir slightly. No need to evenly so beautiful color as marble motif.

4. Enter in the container and refrigerate for 3-4 hours. but better all night and then serve.

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