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Special Fried Chicken recipe

June 21, 2015

Special Fried Chicken recipe - Many people now who sells fried chicken in shape and taste different, of course, you also would often eat fried chicken. Well here I will give Recipes How to Make Fried Chicken Special Kalasan, you certainly curious, how the heck make Fried Chicken Kalasan and materials make it.

First you need to know to make fried chicken, the chicken elections of course be an important aspect that no one should know first chicken must be fresh to avoid to create a good taste, the chicken elections do not be too old, because if chickens are too old then Her flesh was hard. So when buying chicken I suggest you buy a chicken yourself and tell the chicken pieces to cut the chicken that you buy. So you know the quality of the chicken you buy.

Now let's start to make Resep Ayam Goreng Special Kalasan, you also have to examine the material to make it not to be wrong, because if one feels any different, and also how to make it to be true.

The following recipes and ingredients to make Chicken Fried Kalasan Specials:

    1 whole chicken and cut into four pieces
    1 whole lemon, just take the water course
    bay leaves 2 pieces
    1 stalk lemongrass, crushed by smashing
    1 liter of coconut water, try the young
    Cooking oil for frying

Seasoning should be smoothed:

    7 pieces of red onion
    4 cloves garlic
    6 hazelnut
    And enough 3 cm turmeric
    1 tbsp coriander roasted
    1 tsp brown sugar and should be sliced
    Then salt to taste

Sambalya material:

    5 pieces of onion
    7 fresh red chilies
    1 tomato
    1 teaspoon shrimp paste that has been fried / baked
    1 teaspoon brown sugar
    Salt to taste

How to Make Fried Chicken special Kalasan as follows:

Make fried chicken

    First coat the chicken with lime juice, mix with seasoning mashed earlier, add the bay leaves, lemon grass and coconut milk that had been prepared earlier.
    Both cook chicken until tender using a medium heat and coconut water to recede. Lift then drain.
    After the chicken fried in hot oil until golden brown and then lift.

To make the sauce is as follows

    Fried was all ingredients using a little oil until wilted.
    Then milled until smooth.
    After the fry back over low heat without using oil.
    No need to wait for a long time lifting sauce and serve with the chicken had been fried.

Thus Recipes How to Make Fried Chicken Special Kalasan, make it easy to make it.

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