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Sweet Banana recipes Make getuk

July 18, 2015

Kediri is one area that is the name of Java island and more precisely, namely East Java. Kediri is already very popular with a variety of dishes typical of her. One of the specialties of the town of Kediri example out yellow. In addition, there are other typical dishes are getuk bananas. Getung bananas are derived from the town of Kediri, East Java, but this food is widespread everywhere in nearly all regions in Indonesia, especially in Java. Although this is already well-known banana getuk Antero throughout the country, but there are many among you who do not know the process and how to make it. Well, this is what will getuk banana recipe we present on this occasion. Getuk banana can be used as a snack relaxed very worthy for us to try. Here is an explanation of making getuk bananas.

Sweet Banana recipes Make getuk Typical Kediri


    1 kg of bananas ripe kepok
    1 teaspoon fine salt
    500 gr sugar
    banana leaves to wrap around to taste
    broom taste (cut taper)

How to Make Banana getuk:

    Steamed banana kepok until completely cooked and tender
    Peel the banana peel and dahaluskan
    Combine mashed banana with sugar and salt
    Finely crushed again until all ingredients are well blended
    Compact dough while still hot and let stand to be cold
    Take each one sheet of banana leaf and enter getuk banana mixture to taste
    Roll lengthwise like a rice cake with a compacted back
    Pin with a broom stick at both ends
    Steamed in a steamer heat for 25-30 minutes or until cooked and chewy
    Getuk banana ready to be served

It's easy and Simpler right to process and How to Make Banana Sweet getuk, please you make at home with his own hands so that the processed kualitan hygiene and health is maintained.

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