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Yellow Rice Recipe

May 18, 2015

can manufacture using the rice cooker can actually tablets but there are still many who do not know. Food is often presented as rice cone when the official or non-official events. You can also eat in the morning if it is bored with the food slurry, if every day of eating it continues then try to make yellow rice.

If eating yellow rice alone is sure to be bland so add some other ingredients such as eggs, some vegetables, crackers, fried onions and others. For this time how to make the most easy and practical to use a rice cooker tablets. Bangetkan curious how bikinnya so directly refer to the following yes-style full recipe.

Materials needed

    1 liter of rice
    Enough water
    1 bks Santan instant 65 ml / grated coconut milk alone
    1 Trunk Serai
    3 bay leaves

Seasoning blend

    3 cloves garlic
    flavoring to taste
    salt to taste
    2 spring onions
    1 vertebra finger turmeric, strain and take the water

Complementary materials
Fried chicken, eggs, crackers, fried onions, shredded, cucumbers or tomatoes, fried tempeh and tofu.

How to make yellow rice

    Put the rice that has been washed into the rice cooker, add water and spice paste.
    Put also lemon grass, leaves together and flavorings. Stir until the spices evenly with water and rice.
    Turn on the rice cooker and wait until the yellow rice cooked.

The most delicious rice cooker to cook with it matures automatically without ditungguin, so you can leave it for a while to prepare complementary materials. So first yes and you practice just yellow rice recipe rice cooker and hopefully this time immediately successful when you bikinnya.

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